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If you are considering merging or acquiring a business, speak with our San Antonio business attorneys. From acquiring new skills and technology to reducing overall price competition, there are many reasons for an acquisition or merger. At Cabañas Law Firm, we can help ensure that the entire process runs smoothly so your business is not at risk. We can review the positives and negatives of your business goal, and help you assess the risks involved. Have an experienced business lawyer from our team walk you through the process to maximize the chances of success.

Types of mergers that we can help you with include:

  • Horizontal merger - merger between companies of same or similar products that are considered direct competitors
  • Vertical merger - merger between companies who bought and sold goods or services from each other, but are now under single ownership
  • Concentric / congeneric merger - merger between companies serving the same customer pool with complementary products
  • Conglomerate merger - merger between companies that operate in entirely different industries

Not sure what type of merger will benefit your business? Request a case consultation to ask our attorneys.

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Rules and legal transactions surrounding mergers and acquisitions can be complex. Even the straightforward combination of two small entities can present a number of unforeseen challenges. Thankfully, Cabañas Law Firm has the experience it takes to successfully execute even the most complex mergers and acquisitions. Selling off majority assets, transferring legal control, exchanging stock for assets, and meeting shareholder obligations are just some of the tasks we can walk you through.

Mergers and acquisitions always carry a significant degree of risk, but there's no reason to magnify that risk by failing to properly execute a legally-binding merger and acquisition. There are plenty of hurdles to navigate, but we will be there to work with you every step of the way.

For our Mexican clients, we also have affiliated offices in Mexico.

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