Assertive Defense Of Federal Charges

Federal offenses encompass a broad variety of case types. They are defined by the U.S. government and prosecuted at the federal level by federal agencies like the FBI, DEA, and the IRS. The prosecution of federal offenses are often long processes that carry harsher penalties than state crimes. If you have been charged with a federal offense, you will require a strong defense and an aggressive legal advocate. It is important that you contact an experienced San Antonio criminal defense lawyer to help you as soon as possible.

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What Are Federal Offenses?

Title 18 of the United States Code refers to federal crimes and how they are handled by the courts. This includes both felonies (serious crimes that result in imprisonment for longer than a year) and misdemeanors (crimes that can result in jail time for less than a year). Federal crimes often occur on federal property, are connected to federal property, are prosecuted on a federal level, or deal with crimes that cross state or country borders.

Examples of federal cases include:

Cabanas Law Firm, PLLC can represent individuals during the investigation process prior to any indictment. This period of time prior to being formally charged is crucial. Our lawyers can work to make sure that your rights are protected during any investigation. Are you being investigated in Mexico? We have affiliated offices in Mexico to help you during your time of need.

Contact a San Antonio Federal Crimes Lawyer

Federal offenses can have serious penalties, but it is important to remember that you are considered innocent until you are proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. There are various defense strategies available to help defend you against federal charges.

A federal crimes defense lawyer from Cabañas Law Firm can assist you in understanding the complicated legal process from start to finish. From describing the pros and cons of a plea bargain deal to aggressively defending your case in trial, we are ready to stand by you, both inside and outside of court.

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