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Criminal defense: Texas man faces murder charge following crash

It is easy to prejudge a person. Often based on one's prior history, many people will make assumptions about his or her present behavior. Unfortunately, a recent fatal accident in Texas has left a man creating a criminal defense after he was charged with murder.

Criminal defense: Ride offer leads to criminal charges in Texas

In certain circumstances, a woman who is alone may feel forced to make certain decisions that she would not normally make, such as accepting a ride from a stranger late at night. A woman who feels that it is necessary to do so could potentially be on edge, worried about her safety. Unfortunately, an incident involving an offer of a ride in Texas potentially has a woman considering her criminal defense.

Can police arrest you for using medical marijuana?

More states, now including Texas, are beginning to allow the creation and selling of low-dose marijuana medication. At the start of February, a little girl received the very first dose of medical marijuana in Texas. Although this news is a leap of progress for the many patients who are ill and in pain, law enforcement officials will still be on the lookout for possible abuses of the drug.

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