International Business Litigation Attorney in San Antonio

Foreign business laws and procedures can be much different than the ones U.S. businesses must adhere to. When a dispute occurs, which is inevitable in the business world, it’s important you take measures to protect yourself. This requires legal representation from an attorney who understands international laws and has extensive litigation experience.

At the Cabanas Law Firm, we’ve been providing businesses with skilled litigation services since 2007. We also have an intimate understanding of business laws in foreign countries. Although we’re located in San Antonio, we have an international reach, often representing clients in Mexico and Latin America. Contact us at (210) 446-4090 when a dispute arises.

Business Issues That Often Require Litigation

In a perfect world, running a business would only be about making money in exchange for a product or service. Unfortunately, issues often occur that require legal involvement. Many of these issues can’t be handled by the owners or CEOs of a business. They require an experienced attorney who understands the litigation process.
Some of the most common disputes that lead to international business litigation include :

  • Intellectual property – Protecting things like logos, brand names, and product designs from theft is imperative for any business. Some foreign countries claim they protect intellectual property, but they don’t. If a competitor has stolen a trademark or copyright, you’ll need a lawyer to fight for your rights.
  • Contract disputes – International business contracts must take both foreign and domestic laws into account. All conditions must be clearly stated and agreed upon or disputes are likely to happen. When they do, an attorney can help resolve the issue, even if it means going to court.
  • Dispute Resolution – Disputes often occur between an employee, client, or even a co-owner. In these cases, international dispute resolution may be the best way to handle the issue. However, these disputes sometimes end in litigation. An attorney must be familiar with the laws of the foreign jurisdiction.
  • Compliance with foreign laws – If a business doesn’t comply with the laws and regulations of the country it’s operating in, it may face repercussions from the foreign government. A business attorney will help ensure compliance with international laws and litigate if an issue goes to court.

Regardless of the type of international business dispute you’re facing, the Cabanas Law Firm can provide effective representation. We’re well-versed in international laws and have the business litigation experience needed to build a strong case on your behalf.

Internal Business Disputes

Sometimes legal issues develop between members of an international business. These could be owners, partners, directors, or employees. These issues often involve a breach of contract or trade secret. In these cases, you need an experienced business litigator on your side. Some common internal issues we can help resolve include :

  • Business partnership disputes
  • Investor disagreements
  • Non-compete complications
  • Shareholder oppression
  • Unfair competition
  • Problems with mergers and acquisitions

Although it’s easier to settle these issues out of court, sometimes litigation is unavoidable. In these cases, you need an international business litigation attorney who understands the laws and regulations in the country you operate in. Without this type of representation, you may be leaving yourself open to financial loss.

Contact a San Antonio International Business Litigator

At the Cabanas Law Firm, we make it a point to stay educated on international business laws and procedures. If you’re operating in a foreign country and run into a business dispute, we can litigate on your behalf and protect the rights of you and your organization. Contact us today at (210) 446-4090 to schedule a consultation.