San Antonio International Crimes Attorney

International criminal law is an extremely complex legal practice that requires an intimate knowledge of laws in the U.S. and other countries. Furthermore, there are many different types of international crimes a person could be charged with. This means defense attorneys must be highly skilled in a wide variety of white collar crimes. Defending against these crimes also requires experience litigating cases in front of a judge and jury.

At the Cabanas Law Firm, we’ve been protecting the rights of people charged with white collar international crimes in San Antonio since 2007. Our legal team has the knowledge and resources needed to craft a strong defense strategy based on the details of your case. If you’ve been charged or are under investigation, contact us at (210) 446-4090 today.

Types of International Crime Charges

What makes international crimes unique is they involve the crossing of borders and take place in more than one country. These are also referred to as trans-border crimes. International crimes can also take place in zones governed by international law. These areas include international airspace or international waters.

There are a number of white collar crimes that take place across international borders. Some of the most common include:

These are very serious offenses that carry stiff penalties if convicted. If you or your business has been charged with an international crime, it’s important you call the Cabanas Law Firm right away. We often represent clients in Mexico and Latin America and understand what it takes to conduct a thorough investigation and build a strong defense for international cases.

Why You Need an International Crimes Attorney

The laws surrounding international crimes are much different than domestic criminal laws. Furthermore, these laws are always changing. If a law enforcement agency is building a case against you for crimes allegedly committed in multiple countries, there are special procedures pertaining to the gathering of evidence. It’s crucial you work with an attorney who understands these procedures and can navigate you through the legal process. You also need an attorney who isn’t afraid to fight for you in court.

Many times, allegations of an international crime can lead to extradition to another country. If this is happening to you, you need a lawyer who understands the process and can work quickly to fight extradition. This is a very unique legal situation that requires both experience and focused knowledge of international criminal law. Working with an attorney who lacks experience can be detrimental to your future.

Contact an International Crimes Lawyer in San Antonio

If you’re facing international criminal charges, you need a defense lawyer in your corner who understands this complex area of the law. You also need someone who has experience defending people from white collar crime charges that involve trans-border activity. At the Cabanas Law Firm, our legal team can walk you through the process and explain your options. It’s our goal to have your charges reduced or dropped altogether. Contact us at (210) 446-4090 to set up a consultation today.