San Antonio International Business Counsel Attorney

If you own and operate a business in a foreign country, you need a dedicated attorney to provide legal counsel for a wide range of decisions and issues. Failing to retain experienced counsel can result in financial loss or make you vulnerable to legal repercussions. It’s important you put your trust in an attorney who understands international business laws and also has litigation experience.

At the Cabanas Law Firm, we understand the complications that can arise when conducting business in a foreign country. Since 2007 we’ve been protecting the rights of international businesses and providing knowledgeable counsel when disputes arise. Although we’re located in San Antonio, we often represent clients in Mexico and Latin America. Contact us at (210) 446-4090 today.

How We Can Help Your Foreign Business

International businesses must operate under foreign laws and regulations, which can make things complicated, especially for U.S. business owners. That’s where an international business counsel attorney is invaluable. We can help walk you through a number of business procedures and provide advice when making decisions for your organization. At the Cabanas Law Firm, we’ll be there to help you with all manner of issues, including:

  • International business formation
  • Contract disputes
  • Business planning
  • Corporate transactions
  • International contract drafting
  • Distribution and licensing agreements
  • Joint ventures
  • International investments
  • Business structuring
  • Foreign manufacturing contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • Non-compete agreements

Our intimate knowledge of both business and international laws along with our exhaustive resources allow us to provide high-quality representation. We understand how important your business decisions are and make it a point to work hard to protect your interests. If needed, we can also provide international business litigation service.

Why You Need Experienced Legal Counsel

Any business, whether foreign or domestic, needs a skilled business attorney in its corner. Failing to retain a business counsel attorney could make your organization vulnerable to many potential legal issues. These could include everything from contract breaches to intellectual property theft. When you hire the Cabanas Law Firm as your international business counsel, we’ll provide the following benefits:

  • Comprehensive contract formation – Every business contract you enter into must be airtight. If they’re not, you could run into legal issues down the road. We’ll review or draft contracts so nothing’s left out.
  • Sound business advice – There are countless legal hurdles involved with running a business in a foreign country. It’s impossible for owners to anticipate every potential pitfall. We’ll provide knowledgeable legal advice on important decisions that could affect the future of your business.
  • Dispute resolution – If a dispute arises between a vendor, client, or business partner, we can step in and negotiate on your behalf. This may involve drafting agreements or contracts. If a resolution can’t be reached, we can protect your rights through litigation.
  • Anticipate risk – Every business assumes a certain level of risk. It’s important you anticipate these risks and have the proper procedures in place to avoid them. We can help analyze business risk so you’re not caught off-guard.

Your business is an investment. Don’t leave it unprotected by failing to retain a business counsel attorney. Let the Cabanas Law Firm provide highly skilled representation for all your international business decisions.

Contact an International Business Counsel Lawyer in San Antonio

Having an experienced attorney on your side will give you peace of mind and allow you to concentrate on operating your international business. The Cabanas Law Firm understands the complex nature of business law and can help you make decisions that will lead to a successful future. Contact us at (210) 446-4090 to schedule a consultation today.