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Federal crimes: Texas doctor charged with fraud

It seems that, during certain periods of time, there are illegal activities on which law enforcement officials focus their energies. In the past, for example, the federal government has placed a great deal of emphasis on the so-called "war on drugs." Currently, reports indicate that the crime of interest to the U.S. Department of Justice is health care fraud. In fact, a doctor in Texas has recently been arrested and now faces accusations of federal crimes.

The doctor reportedly runs a business owned by her husband called Life Spring Housecall Physicians, Inc. Federal law enforcement officials claim that the woman used her signature stamp on home health certifications and home health orders. Reports claim that the doctor did not see some of these patients while others were not qualified for home health services.

What induces people to engage in fraudulent activities at work?

Some people who would never engage in petty crime such as shoplifting are risking much bigger penalties by participating in white-collar crime where they work. 

What motivates otherwise ordinary people to commit these types of offenses in the workplace?

Criminal defense: Texas man arrested after crash

There are a variety of different distractions that a Texas driver could experience. Something as simple as changing the radio station could be all it takes to cause a car accident. However, it may be easy to assume that a car accident was caused by a person under the influence of drugs or alcohol depending on the driver's age and the time of the accident. Unfortunately, one man is likely considering his criminal defense following his recent arrest.

The incident that led to the man's arrest happened just after 7 p.m. on a day in mid-June. According to reports, a 29-year-old man was driving a van on a Texas road. Witnesses claim that the van jumped a curb, then struck a 48-year-old man on the sidewalk. That man passed away.

Great time for Texas business transaction

The decision to purchase a business or to sell one's existing enterprise often includes a great deal of risk. Because the economic situation in Texas and across the country fluctuates depending on any number of variables, a business owner looking to sell may end up taking a loss. Someone seeking to buy may have difficulty completing the business transaction. However, things are looking up.

Entrepreneurs in San Antonio who are looking to buy or sell their businesses could not have chosen a better place or time. In recent years, the successful transfer of businesses has been phenomenal. Although in the first half of 2018, the numbers for business sales have dropped slightly over last year's transactions, experts say it is better to wait until the year is over to make comparisons since completing the sale of a business may take several months.

Criminal defense: Texas man accused of intoxication assault

The criminal justice system is complicated. Often, those who need to create a criminal defense in Texas are overwhelmed by the process and their options. Unfortunately, a young man may be feeling this way after his recent arrest.

The 21-year-old's arrest occurred during the early morning hours of a day in late May. Law enforcement officials accuse the man of driving on the wrong side of a Texas road. Reports claim that his vehicle struck an oncoming vehicle head on.

Texas manslaughter charge may lead to criminal defense concerns

When a fatal motor vehicle accident happens in Texas or elsewhere in the country, there are many questions that must be answered. While it may be easy to assume that an accident was the result of an intoxicated driver, there must be sufficient evidence to prove such claims before a person can be convicted of a related crime. Unfortunately, a young man in Texas is likely considering his criminal defense after he was arrested following a recent crash.

The incident reportedly happened at approximately 9 p.m. on a day in May. According to reports, a pickup truck was involved in a minor accident, but the driver sped away from the scene. The truck then allegedly entered oncoming lanes of traffic before exiting the roadway and flipping several times.

Will your company benefit from doing business with Mexico?

You stay current with the latest business news and keep your eyes open for opportunities that could benefit your company.

A recent university study indicates that you may find the kind of opportunity you seek by creating a beneficial working relationship with Mexico.

White collar crimes: Texas teen charged with embezzlement

Running a store is often a challenging endeavor. Often, there are many financial and personnel decisions that must be made. Someone without a great deal of experience could easily make mistakes. Unfortunately, what could simply be a mistake could lead to accusations of white collar crimes. For example, a Texas teenager was recently charged with embezzlement.

The 19-year-old male was reportedly working as the store manager at a Mattress Firm. A district manager working with a loss prevention officer reportedly discovered approximately $40,000 missing from the franchise following an audit. As a result, the district manager conducted an interview with the teenage store manager.

Criminal defense: 2 people charged following Texas crash

Car accidents happen everyday in Texas for a variety of different reasons. Because of the size of motor vehicles and the speed at which some of them travel, even a simple collision can have serious complications. Unfortunately, two people in Texas are likely considering their criminal defense after they were allegedly involved in an accident that proved fatal.

The incident that resulted in the loss of a life happened on a day in mid-April. According to reports, a red vehicle was headed south in the center lane of a Texas interstate. A black vehicle was following behind. Unfortunately, a third vehicle is said to have struck the black one, causing a collision that ultimately involved all three.

Criminal defense: Trevone Boykin arrested for assault in Texas

It seems that football players are frequently in the news for a variety of different reasons but especially when they are suspected or accused of a crime. For example, former quarterback Trevone Boykin recently made news in Texas. He is likely considering his criminal defense after police say he assaulted his girlfriend.

The incident happened on a day in March. Police claim that conflict began between Boykin and his long-term girlfriend over a text. He allegedly became upset when she would not show him a text on her phone. She claims that he then put her in a choke hold until she blacked out. When she awoke, she claims she was covered in blood.

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