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Criminal defense: 2 people charged following Texas crash

Car accidents happen everyday in Texas for a variety of different reasons. Because of the size of motor vehicles and the speed at which some of them travel, even a simple collision can have serious complications. Unfortunately, two people in Texas are likely considering their criminal defense after they were allegedly involved in an accident that proved fatal.

The incident that resulted in the loss of a life happened on a day in mid-April. According to reports, a red vehicle was headed south in the center lane of a Texas interstate. A black vehicle was following behind. Unfortunately, a third vehicle is said to have struck the black one, causing a collision that ultimately involved all three.

Criminal defense: Trevone Boykin arrested for assault in Texas

It seems that football players are frequently in the news for a variety of different reasons but especially when they are suspected or accused of a crime. For example, former quarterback Trevone Boykin recently made news in Texas. He is likely considering his criminal defense after police say he assaulted his girlfriend.

The incident happened on a day in March. Police claim that conflict began between Boykin and his long-term girlfriend over a text. He allegedly became upset when she would not show him a text on her phone. She claims that he then put her in a choke hold until she blacked out. When she awoke, she claims she was covered in blood.

Texas YMCA bookkeeper accused of white collar crimes

People who are experiencing financial problems are often overwhelmed by stress. They frequently examine all of their options and then make their choices. Unfortunately, officials in Texas believe that a former bookkeeper with the YMCA resorted to white collar crimes.

The incident that led to the woman's arrested reportedly happened in Jan. 2017 but was only recently reported to police. The chief financial officer of the YMCA location that employed the woman reportedly contacted police in late February of this year, claiming that a 52-year-old woman who served as a bookkeeper embezzled over $21,000 from the organization. It is unclear how the alleged loss of money was discovered.

Criminal defense: Man accused of assault in Texas

People's romantic relationships are often complex -- often beyond explanation. Despite this complexity, few relationships result in violence. Unfortunately, a man in Texas is likely considering his criminal defense after he was accused of shooting his girlfriend in the leg.

The shooting allegedly happened one morning in the parking of a medical facility where the alleged victim works. Reports claim that the 36-year-old man who has since been arrested and the woman argued the night before. As part of that argument, he allegedly took the woman's phone. At the time of the shooting, they were reportedly meeting so he could return the phone.

Criminal defense: Texas man faces murder charge following crash

It is easy to prejudge a person. Often based on one's prior history, many people will make assumptions about his or her present behavior. Unfortunately, a recent fatal accident in Texas has left a man creating a criminal defense after he was charged with murder.

The accident happened one night in February. According to reports, a male driver failed to stop at a stop sign. As a result, police say that his vehicle struck another already in the intersection.

Criminal defense: Ride offer leads to criminal charges in Texas

In certain circumstances, a woman who is alone may feel forced to make certain decisions that she would not normally make, such as accepting a ride from a stranger late at night. A woman who feels that it is necessary to do so could potentially be on edge, worried about her safety. Unfortunately, an incident involving an offer of a ride in Texas potentially has a woman considering her criminal defense.

The incident that led to her arrest began at approximately 2 a.m. on a day in late January. A man claims that he offered a woman a ride. However, he says that she pulled a knife while in the car and threatened to hurt herself.

Can police arrest you for using medical marijuana?

More states, now including Texas, are beginning to allow the creation and selling of low-dose marijuana medication. At the start of February, a little girl received the very first dose of medical marijuana in Texas. Although this news is a leap of progress for the many patients who are ill and in pain, law enforcement officials will still be on the lookout for possible abuses of the drug.

In truth, even if you tell police that your marijuana is solely for medical purposes, you could still face drug charges depending on the situation. In order to be legal, medical marijuana must fulfill a few requirements according to the Compassionate Use Act.

Strong ties encourage cross-border business relationships

The long-standing cultural and economic ties between the United States and Mexico find Texas businesses perfectly positioned for international opportunities.

If you are thinking about expanding your business interests across the border, it is probably time to get some legal advice to help you lay a solid foundation for your plans.

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